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Dihydromyricetin DHM chemical structure


DHM is the ultimate hangover prevention, take 1-3 capsules before bed after drinking to wake up feeling fantastic.

Capsules and Powder

Due to popular demand we now offer DHM in both capsules and powder with prices starting from just £0.60 per gram.  Dihydromyricetin (aka Ampelopsin) helps recovery from hangovers, making waking up a pleasure even after a heavy night!

DHM Hovenia dulcis also known as the japanese raisin tree

What is Dihydromyricetin?

Dihydromyricetin (DHM also known as Ampelopsin) is a herbal extract made from Hovenia Dulcis or the Japanese Raisin Tree.  It has a powerful effect on circulating alcohol levels in the body[1], reducing them when taken before alcohol, and acts as a potent anti-oxidant supporting the liver by clearing free-radicals, helping you recover from a night out drinking faster than ever before.  Taking just 1-3 capsules (or 300-900mg of the bulk powder hangover cure) is enough to eliminate most hangovers, and DHM is the most potent hangover cure available today!

Dihydromyricetin has been featured in these publications:

The New Scientist featured Dihydromyricetin
Nature has published peer reviewed papers on DHM
Wired has covered DHM's anti-hangover properties too!
Examine has a page about DHM

How does DHM work?

Dihydromyricetin works to reduce hangover symptoms in several ways, including those that more traditional remedies, like Milk Thistle Extract and other anti-oxidant vitamins and minerals do, by supporting the liver and decreasing levels of free-radicals and toxins generated by the metabolites of alcohol.  But in addition, the active ingredient of the Raisin Tree extract has the ability to reduce the neurotransmitter GABA — an amino acid that alcohol increases; in high quantities can slow brain functioning and results in a ‘blackout’ — helping not just your liver but your brain too.  You’ll feel sharper, more focused, and will sleep better all thanks to the neurological effects of DHM.

Does Dihydromyricetin really work?

Yes!  DHM actually works!  With thousands of customers and testimonials, we’re a better hangover remedy than coconut water or hair of the dog.  In fact, put down the Bloody Mary, you just need 1-3 capsules of DHM and a glass of water before bed to wake up feeling great.


Bulk Pricing Available

For those who rely on Dihydromyricetin (also called DHM or Ampelopsin) consistently for enhanced recovery after a night and perform at high levels the day after, we offer discounts of up to 30% with larger orders.  Buy three and save 10%, or contact us for bulk pricing.