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Dihydromyricetin COA

Our Dihydromyricetin

We buy our Ampelopsin exclusively from one of the largest suppliers of natural extract products in the world who are based in China, and have offices in Europe and the US.  We’ve worked with them for years, and their product has always tested extraordinarily well.  The certificate of analysis (or dihydromyricetin COA) provided below is from our latest order (January ’19) and shows very high levels of purity, and a dry product that is free from heavy metals, toxins, and bacteria.

We take purity and contamination seriously, and only sell products we are willing to use ourselves.  If you’re interested, learn more about our UK Dihydromyricetin offerings here.

Our Dihydromyricetin COA (Certificate of Analysis)

BulkDHM - Dihydromyricetin COA analysis 2017

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