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How much DHM should you really take?

What’s the best dihydromyricetin dosage to stop hangovers?

This is a tricky question and is going to depend on how much you’ve been drinking, your individual tolerance and experience with alcohol, and even what and how much food you ate the day you were drinking.

We recommend that most people take 800mg-1,200mg of a high-purity dihydromyricetin extract before bed to help you feel your best the next day.

With that said, heavy drinkers or very light drinkers may need more, so depending on whether you’d like to do some math, we recommend 400mg for every two drinks.  If you’re in the right state to do a little bit of math, that could mean that a quiet night at the pub means you only need one capsule of our 98% Raisin Tree Extract, or a full day session watching the cricket or baseball might necessitate five capsules.

The only real way to tell how much you’ll need with certainty is to experiment! Try the smaller doses we list first, and if you still wake up feeling like a freight train hit you, try increasing the dihydromyricetin dosage.

Woman confused about her dihydromyricetin dosage pills to help with hangover

Also, make sure you’re doing everything else you can to improve your chances of feeling great the next day by doing the standard things, like:

  • Drinking enough water before bed
  • Getting at least 7 hours of sleep
  • Eating a hearty breakfast
  • and finally, exercising first thing to help sweat some of the bad stuff out always works a treat!

If you’re doing the above and the smaller dihydromyricetin dosages, don’t help, increase to 800mg for every three drinks and retest.

Hope that helps!

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