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The original herbal hangover cure, Dihydromyricetin (often called Ampelopsin, Japanese Raisin Tree, or Hovenia dulcis) is an Asian cure for hangovers that has been in use for thousands of years. Only recently making it’s way to the West, it’s been studied for it’s role in reducing the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA which alcohol elevates dramatically. GABA slows processes and neurotransmission in the brain down, which is why when you lose control of your body when you drink heavily, and in the worst case – when GABA is at it’s highest – blackouts can occur. DHM has been shown in studies to reduce GABA in the brain when it’s elevated to protect patients against toxic levels of alcohol, improve coherence, and dramatically reduce hangovers.

While Dihydromyricetin won’t stop you from getting drunk if you take it before you drink, it will reduce some of the physical effects and improve co-ordination somewhat whilst drinking. It’s greatest benefits however come the next day with hangover symptoms dramatically reduced, with fewer reports of headaches, low-energy, and sickness due to alcohol consumption.

DHM or Ampelopsin is also a potent anti-oxidant with some very interesting liver-protecting properties. As noted in a trial of 60 patients, Dihydromyricetin significantly improved the signs of liver health in those studies, and exerted strong systemic anti-inflammatory effects — both of which enhance your body’s ability to breakdown ethanol and deal or recover from the side-effects of drinking. As if that weren’t enough the same study clinically showed 300mg of this herb also has some profound blood-glucose management properties — so if you’re prone to eating quite a lot when intoxicated, DHM will help reduce sugars in your blood which may in turn lead to less weight gain.

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*Never drink and drive. Use Uber or Lyft, or taxi services where available, don’t put other lives or your own in danger.

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