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50 x 300mg capsules

The original herbal hangover cure, Dihydromyricetin (often called Ampelopsin, Japanese Raisin Tree, or Hovenia dulcis) is an Asian cure for hangovers that has been in use for thousands of years. Only recently making it’s way to the West, it’s been studied for it’s role in reducing the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA which alcohol elevates dramatically. GABA slows processes and neurotransmission in the brain down, which is why when you lose control of your body when you drink heavily, and in the worst case – when GABA is at it’s highest – blackouts can occur. DHM has been shown in studies to reduce GABA in the brain when it’s elevated to protect patients against toxic levels of alcohol, improve coherence, and dramatically reduce hangovers.

While Dihydromyricetin won’t stop you from getting drunk if you take it before you drink, it will reduce some of the physical effects and improve co-ordination somewhat whilst drinking. It’s greatest benefits however come the next day with hangover symptoms dramatically reduced, with fewer reports of headaches, low-energy, and sickness due to alcohol consumption.

DHM or Ampelopsin is also a potent anti-oxidant with some very interesting liver-protecting properties. As noted in a trial of 60 patients, Dihydromyricetin significantly improved the signs of liver health in those studies, and exerted strong systemic anti-inflammatory effects — both of which enhance your body’s ability to breakdown ethanol and deal or recover from the side-effects of drinking. As if that weren’t enough the same study clinically showed 300mg of this herb also has some profound blood-glucose management properties — so if you’re prone to eating quite a lot when intoxicated, DHM will help reduce sugars in your blood which may in turn lead to less weight gain.

We’re always happy to talk about the our products and how they work to mitigate intoxication and help you fight off hangovers, so if you want to get in touch, drop us an email!

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*Never drink and drive. Use Uber or Lyft, or taxi services where available, don’t put other lives or your own in danger.

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9 reviews for Dihydromyricetin (DHM) Capsules

  1. Marianne Dow

    I was recommended these for wine intolerance and while it’s not like I was before, these help so much and make me feel human again when I drink!

  2. Magda Baris

    Does what it doesn’t say on the tin! I get that we’re not allowed to talk about hangovers really given the restrictions, but these are really helping this out of practice drinker stay upright and not hanging her head over a porcelain bowl the next morning. God send.

  3. Simon Ng

    Works insanely well for Asian Flush / Asian Glow. Couldn’t have asked for more – I know they’re not doing anything for the associated dangers, but sometime’s a guy’s still gotta drink! Always have a pack of these in my desk and at home, for whenever the mood strikes.

  4. Graham Ratcliffe

    Slow shipping — great product and I’ll order again, but just know that with stock issues it can take them a week sometimes to be delivered. Worth it, but also…

  5. Sarah Jerram

    The first DHM in Australia to reach me! What can I say, these do exactly what I wanted them to, I only deducted a star for slow shipping but that might just have been due to the current pandemic.

  6. H. Smith

    Absolutely the best hangover pills I’ve ever tried.

  7. Mark McDougal

    I never drink without these. It’s not a miracle pill, but it really kicks a hangover and makes me feel like I’ve drunk 20% of what I actually have. These boys have definitely saved my career on several occasions…

  8. Harry Lambeth

    Really great, can’t say enough good things about these. Popped 3 before I went to bed and woke up feeling like I’d skipped the drinks after dinner and had an early night. Highly recommended

  9. Brian Dempsey

    Kept me in ketosis! Since the body can’t utilise fat storage while it’s metabolising alcohol, a couple of these pills before and after drinking meant I stayed in Ketosis even though a glass (or three) of wine usuallyt knocks me out of it! I’ll keep using these so long as I’m trying to lose weight (and likely after that since they really are great for hangovers).

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