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Dihydromyricetin in the UK

Is Dihydromyricetin legal to buy in the UK?

Absolutely! It’s available on Amazon as well as from the site you’re on, here.

Dihydromyricetin is currently undergoing certification to become a ‘Novel Food’ by the MHRA, which will allow it to be used as a food and ingredient. You can check the status of its progress here. As of 2022, its status is being petitioned by a company from Sweden for large-scale use in supplements across the EU and UK, and while that hasn’t been approved, it’s very likely to given its widespread use in Asian countries, Australia, and New Zealand.

Is DHM legal to import to the UK?

Yes! It is legal to import up to three months’ worth of supplements and medication to the UK for personal use without declaring them or getting a prescription.

Provided it’s safe and from a company you trust, Hovenia Dulcis extract is very stable in transit and can survive the high and low temperatures on cargo planes without degradation.

Where to find cheap Dihydromyricetin in the UK?

DHM can be bought in the UK here on this very site!
We sell both powdered forms as well as more convenient dihydromyricetin capsules.

When looking for a dihydromyricetin supplement, you want to be careful of non-standardised extracts, as well as those claiming to be a specific ratio. For example, 5:1 or 10:1 extracts. These are often meaningless as far as purity or active ingredients go, with the definition simply being that in the higher example, 10g of the plant was used to make 1g in the supplement. Given that there’s no standardised way to measure the starting weight, that could be before the plant is dried, the total weight of the plant before extraneous parts that don’t contain the active are trimmed, and so on.

Choose your DHM supplement based on a percentage figure of purity, and only buy from a brand you trust.

Dihydromyricetin is also available for purchase on Amazon.


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