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Dihydromyricetin in Australia

Dihydromyricetin in Australia

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Dihydromyricetin in Australia

Is Dihydromyricetin legal to buy in Australia?

It appears so, yes! It’s available on Amazon as well as from the site you’re on, here.

Dihydromyricetin as a herbal extract and hangover cure for us in manufactured products is currently undergoing certification to become a ‘Novel Food’ in Europe by the MHRA, but we haven’t been able to find out anything official from any reputable source in Australia. Judging by the number of sites selling it and Australia’s typically stringent supplement laws, that’s the only indication that Dihydromyricetin in Australia is safe and legal to buy.

Is DHM legal to import into Australia?

Yes! It is legal to import up to three months worth of supplements and medication to the UK for personal use provided what you’re ordering doesn’t fall under illegal classification.

Where can you buy DHM in Australia?

DHM can be bought from Aus here on this very site!
We sell both powdered forms as well as more convenient dihydromyricetin capsules with fast shipping.

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