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So many chemical compounds and herbal extracts have such incredibly complex names that they can be difficult to pronounce. We sometimes have trouble even in our own inner monologues as we’re reading!

We thought we’d help clear this up once and for all, to help everyone who might be saying some of these terms out loud, to avoid ambiguity and uncertainty.

So very quickly we’re going to teach you how to say DHM and some of it’s more interesting names:

How to Pronounce Dihydromyricetin


Dihydromyticetin is a tough one, we mostly just stick to saying ‘DHM’ around these parts…

Dihydromyricetin pronunciation guide

How to Pronounce Ampelopsin


Ampelopsin is the herbal name for the extract, and used to be referenced more frequently, however Dihydromyricetin looks to surpass its use (according to Google Trends).

Ampelopsin Pronunciation Guide

How to Pronounce Hovenia Dulcis

Ho-ven-ee-ya Dull-kiss.

This is the Genus and Species (Hovenia and Hovenia Dulcis) of what is more commonly referred to as the Japanese Raisin Tree — the tree where most commercial Dihydromyricetin is extracted from.

Hovenia Dulcis Pronunciation Guide

You can learn more about Hovenia Dulcis here, and the Japanese Raisin Tree Extract here.

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